Many yr's ago an old timer, built cop car engines for the Syracuse, NY PD told me about MMO. This was probably 30-40 yr's ago. To this day I use a qt at every oil change in every vehicle I have owned and to this day I have never had an engine component failure. No clattering after 100,000 + miles, no oil burning, just smooth running motors. This stuff is great. And as long as I can find it (Wal-Mart) I will use it. I also tell everyone about it. My father-in-law used it in plane engines during WW2. He swore by it too. -- Thomas Reagan  
I had 3 stuck valves in my 59 Chevy pickup with a 235 engine. I finally got them freed up without pulling the head. I added Marvel to the crankcase and fuel tank and I have NOT had one problem with sticking valves since.....this stuff works. -- Darrell Saunders  
Hi I have been using MMO in my car for about two years and found it to be marvelous, So I thought to try it in my plane Cessna F150L Many of my pals in the states are reluctant to say anything because the FAA don't accept it but I have used it in my plane with 100ll fuel which has a great deal of lead and blocks plugs, but drop of MMO and TCP for the lead and I haven't so far had trouble. People have said watch the seals, watch this and that, I would like your comments. -- Ted Bamford  
I have just started using MMO in the fuel of my Semi Truck. The mileage has gotten better and when I forgot to add it to the fuel the engine lets me know, it made noise like it was coming apart. I have owned my truck for five years now and I had to overhaul the engine with in 40,000 after buying the truck. I got to play Mr. Mom for three years so the truck was just a large yard ornament and always blew the top gallon out the blow by tube, so I ran it a gallon low and all was fine. I ran 1/2 a gallon before an oil change in the pan and the next oil change ran 11,000 miles on the full mark. I'm really impressed with your product. Can I sell your product or do I have to by it through a retail store? -- Joe Pauley  
If published, this is my second testimonial here. But this it totally unrelated to my previous experience. I am in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. One of our officers obtained a boat from a family member which had sat for many years. After normal tune-up, etc. the boat was approved for use by Coast Guard. On its maiden voyage, (which was a safety patrol) the boat would not idle, ran rich, smoked, dyed numerous times, etc. I and crew thought we would need a tow to shore. To be a Coast Guard member, and have your Coast Guard patrol boat towed in is almost unthinkable. On a hunch, (based on my previous experience in first testimonial), I obtained a quart of MMO and poured the entire quart into 20 gallon fuel tank of this boat. After a run up the lake at 3/4 throttle, I could smell the MMO being burned in exhaust fumes. The boat began running better and better. After an hour, it ran like a new boat. It idled perfectly at 900RPM's. It had no hesitation, and stopped missing and dying. We assume the MMO cleaned the boat's carburetor of varnish and gunk collected from boat sitting for a long time. Thank You MMO for saving the Coast Guard from being towed in! -- Kelly Townsend  
Wow, where do I start? I have used MMO for around 40 years now. Since I got my first car at 16. I honestly don't remember who told me about it, but I remember adding it to the gasoline and engine oil in my Triumph TR-3 and every car since in the last 40 years.

Oh, and my model airplane and car engines. I use MMO as an "after run oil" and it prevents bearings from rusting due to the hygroscopic effect of nitro methane and methanol. As well as generally preserving my model motors. I have some motors that have been stored in a plastic bag for 25+ years with MMO as a coating and they still are rust free and turn over like the day I put them away. But to this day, after every flying session or engine tuning session I add a few drops of MMO and bump the motor over and I know it is protected.

I am a retired mechanic and I used to work for the MTA in Los Angeles. When we had a diesel engine bus get sticking injectors, I would hook up a quart of MMO straight to the injector pump and those sticking injectors would clean free and the bus was back on the street in a jiffy!

Marvel Mystery Oil is a super product. I believe in it totally and am thankful it has been available to all of us gear heads for so long. Best regards!

-- Tom Keliher
Last week about a cupful of a herbicide was added by mistake to the engine oil of my 18hp Kohler engine that holds about 2 quarts. No effects were immediate, however, the next time I went to start engine I noticed a sticky gum on the oil dipstick. At first it would not roll over, then the seal blew out of the oil filter base and would roll over. I cut open the filter, still not aware that the herbicide was mistakenly added, and it was completely full of a hardened sticky gooey substance similar to sugar effects. Only commercial grade carb cleaner even attempted to cut that goo. After removal and cleaning the hyd lifters I decided to try MMO in new oil to avoid complete disassembly of engine. To my amazement MMO did dissolve the sticky goo and immediately started to clean up the surfaces I could see-and it does run again! I am amazed at the results! Now MMO has replaced the herbicide spot next to the oil bottles in the cabinet. (Wonder if it will kill weeds?) My dad always used it-guess I will NOW... -- Jeff Jayne  
I became aware of MMO during WW2.My Dad was a tool and die maker for Curtis Wright in Caldwell, NJ all during the war. and knew about MMO at the plant. I remember "Helping" change the oil in our 41 Chevy and Dad holding me while I poured the bright red oil from the red and black metal can. He used it in his 41,50,57,61,Chevys and I just put a Qt in my Saab to keep the sludge under control. It’s truly a great product that has withstood the test of time. -- Joseph Mullin  
In Nov. 2007 I had my "Z" serviced at a local quick oil change location. I gave them a quart of mystery oil to add to my oil when they changed the oil, however they only added the mystery oil and left out the regular oil. I drove the car from Nov 15, 2007 until Jan 03, 2008 with only the one quart of mystery oil. On Jan 03 the oil light came on and I took my car to my local mechanic where he checked my oil and found that the only thing I had in the car was the mystery oil. At this time, I do not have any engine problems due to the operation of the car with only the mystery oil. I just wanted to contact you and let you know how wonderful your product is. Even the mechanics were marveled by my car being able to operate with only the one quart of mystery oil. Thank you for your product. -- Larry W. Rau  
I take pride in providing my '05 Dodge Neon 2.0 Liter SOHC 16-valve engine with the best of motor engine protection. I had one or more of my hydraulic valve lifters sticking I think making a "clattering" sound upon acceleration that apparently was caused by running a synthetic motor oil for over 15,000 miles, severe service, too long perhaps. Upon changing my oil and substituting 1 quart of 10W-30 for 1 quart of "MMO" Marvel Mystery Oil I drove my car for approximately 100 miles and my engine began to get quiet again with no more "clatter" upon acceleration! MMO works believe me. -- John Beckham  







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