I think I'm about to cry(@times) when I read the testmonials from other users of this OUTSTANGING product, "MMO". I know MMO works! Growing up and visting my Uncle Bob in Denton Texas, He would let me help him clean the parts from the engines he rebuilds. It didn't take a second showing of how he wanted things done. He would tell me..., that "if people would use marvel mysteryoil at least every other oil changing, it would be like having you in their engine keeping it clean". yeah, I really enjoyed being with my Uncle Bob and the smell of his shop. Now that I'm older.... much older, I'm been using the stuff and hadn't thought much about it until today. My 1992 4.3 chevy v-6 engine changed it's tune after pouring a pint... yes only a pint(16 FL. OZ./473ml) in the oil, but first I pulled the distribitor because it was making a whinning noise. I used the pint of MMO to loosen and free up the distribitor (man was it stiff) I used a small amount of stuff(MMO), pouring in the shaft, and turning the part that the rotor fits onto, and then letting sit for about ....... o i guess an hour, then turning it again. I poured the first stuff out after the sit. Poured fresh MMO down the staft, poured the rest of the pint(MMO) into the engine oil fill.( Also I had a ticking/knocking nose on the drivers side. only at about 1000rpms) anyway... I put the distribitor back where I got it :), set the timing. After about an hour and 17 miles(yeah, I let the engine idle between stops I drove a short distanst around town ) the noise's were gone. Amazing story, but true. O, the ENGINE has lots of hours on it I'm sure. The 4x4 itself has 226,893 miles on it. hey there is more to this story of the '92/4.3/v-6, 4x4, but you get the meat of this TESTIMONIAL.... Marvel Mystery Oil... has workd for my purposes. made my eyes glaze over as well frm my fawn memories of my Uncle Bob and what he had told me about using MMO ... like having me in there, keeping it clean. Yes, It Has Always WORKED FOR ME! -- stmron  
First, shame on you folks for stopping production of the nice little cans of your wonderful product, I logged on here to find out where to get some more, couldn't find them anywhere. Your site reference to Pep Boys was of no help, I tried to find Marvel Mystery Oil on their site and after two serches, the came up with NOTHING. Although, I have seen the quarts of it in the store. I have used another very fine oil on clocks for years, then one day recently I decided to work on three of my own key-wind clocks. I tried some of the Marvel Mystery Oil I have had for years in the small can, which states on the back of it that it is good for CLOCKS. In the pivots, I placed one drop of the wonder oil, waited about two minutes, soaked up the remaining oil with a couple Q-tips. Two of the three clocks are going like race horses, I am waiting a month or two to allow them to work-in, then will adjust the pendulums for the correct timing. The third clock is running very well, and needs no adjustment, I figure it was not as dirty as the other two, but none needed a real cleaning. Some years back, I had a 1948 Wurlitzer Juke Box, I used oil from the wonderful little can on the relays and other places where plastic/metal or metal/metal move on one another, it worked very well, and once a place was oiled with this oil, in the seven years I owned it, they never needed any more oiling. To those who have a marvelous little can of this oil, I say - KEEP IT and use it sparingly, that stuff works. I don't even want to think about when the half a can I have left runs out - PLEASE MAKE SOME MORE! -- Tempus Fugit  
I bought a "79"Fisher Craft house boat. When I bought it. I knew it hadn't ran in a few years. Well I didn't get it running for 5 years. It was a home, not pleasure. My friend and I decided to get it running. And go to 4th of July fire works. We got it to run. Next day, it sank. About 2 foot of water. I didn't touch motor for 2 years. I went to start motor(locked up). Pulled plugs, water coming out of cylinders. Squirted MMO in cylinders. Let it sit 3 hours, while starter charged. It turned over slow. More MMO, turned over better. More water coming out. Little more MMO. Let it sit 1 hour.Motor turned over good. Put plugs in, hooked up gas. A squirt of starting fluid. And it started(Wow)! Let it run for a couple of minutes. Let go of gas. And it ideal-ed! And sounded good, with no smoke. I don't know whats in MMO. But I know it works! Thank you firm believer-johnnydogg777 -- JohnnyDog777  
My friend has an older Honda 4-wheeler and every hunting season has to take it to the shop to have the carburator worked on. While at the shop another customer told him he put MMO in his gas and has never had a problem with his carburator. Also, ethenol gas has a tendency to collect water in the gas tank and corrode engine parts. I have a 2 year old Honda 4-wheeler and have put MMO in my gas from the first day I got it from the dealer. I am amazed at how easy it starts. Just one pop on the starter and it is running. I believe this is all due to the MMO. I know my engine parts are protected as they are getting a little oil bath every time I run it. Great product. -- Gary1972  
I was introduced to MMO many years ago by a Kiwi friend who said it was well known in NZ. We had purchased an old fork lift that had been stored outside so long the engine was locked up. My friend said "just pull the plugs and fill the cylinders with MMO" so we did. Then installed a fresh battery and every day we would hit the starter button at least once. After 5 or 6 days the engine started to turn. A little tune up work, a carb rebuild and she was running just fine. I have been using MMO ever since. I bought a Pontiac Grand Am in 1999 with a quad 4 engine. These engines were notorious for timing chain failures around 100,000 miles. My car got a quart of MMO every oil change and MMO in the tank 2 or 3 times a year. I sold it with 250,000 miles on it, running perfect, no chain noise, using about a quart of oil every 3000. That is just one story, I use MMO in everything I own, and it’s a wonderful product. I used it in my profession, making my own engine assembly lube with petroleum jelly and MMO. It is as good a penetrating oil as any I’ve seen. I have even used it to soak rusty parts in, after a few days the rust just seems to disappear. Recently the EPA mandated that ZDDP be removed from engine oils. The local engine builders in my area are going to extremes to break their engines in claiming that the absence of ZDDP is causing premature camshaft failures. I have not personally experienced this problem and I think it is because I always add MMO to my break in oil. Only Burt knows what is in MMO and I don’t care, I just know it WORKS… -- jyre  
I have no idea what the you genius's make this "mystery oil" with but you are GODS to me. I have a 98 Pontiac Trans Am. I just bought the car about 1 month ago. During this time I have changed the Spark plugs in it and that's it. The car only had 55000 miles when I bought it and had been garage kept. The only time it was driven was in the summer. Well, I changed the plugs and upgraded the fuel type to Plus. This is when my problem started. I did a diagnostic test on it and it said that there was a #7 misfire. Well, I knew the plugs were good, so I checked the plug wires and the coil pack. Both of those checked out. My last option was a fuel injector. I knew that's what it had to be but no one else wanted to believe me. I reset the computer hoping that maybe it was a computer problem and that it would just go away. Wrong. The service engine light stayed off for one day and then it was right back on. The motor started to jump and shake again exactly like it had done before. This time I went with my gut instinct and went out to look for a fuel injector cleaner. My uncle told me about this product and said that he trusted it with his life. This had me excited because this man isn't commited to anything unless he is certain that it works. Sure enough I went up to Autozone, bought a 1 quart bottle, and then dumped half of it in my fuel tank. I swear not two minutes later, my Trans Am was back to eating the pavement better than it had before. You guys saved me alot of money and helped me keep something I love so much. Thank You so much for pulling through. It's no wonder why you've been in business for 77 years. I was skeptical about how cheap it was. But you know what, it's not about the money. It's about the name, and you guys deserve a nobel peace prize cuz that is some good you know what. -- Kb03289  
I have a 93 Ranger with the 3.0 V6. It sat for 2 or 3 years. You could say I pulled out of the jaws of death and brought it back to life. I changed the oil and added Marvel to it. I did this at every oil change, 3000 miles apart. I had to (as always) top off the oil about every other tankful of gas. It was usually a quart low (about every 700 miles). After several oil changes I have noticed the oil is cleaner and cleaner each go-round. It was always dark. I began to wonder, "Where is all this coming from for heaven's sake!?" Marvel cleaned this junk out of my engine. The truck sat for a couple of years before I got it and the uppermost part of the oil dipstick was rusted to about 2 and 1/2 inches down. I am completely astonished that Marvel not only removed all traces of that rust, it looks like has been polished and is indistinguishable from the rest of the dipstick. I didn't rub that rust off but I did make sure I coated it when I checked the oil using the test rag or paper towel. My oil changes are now far cleaner than ever before and oil consumption is continuing to drop. I have to assume it is drinking it because it isn't smoking at the exhausts and it isn't dripping it either. High mileage, reads 86,000 on the odometer but probably is 186,000 or 286,000! I also used Marvel in the gas at every gas stop just before I filled the tank, never measuring just "guesstimating". I am very happy with the performance of Marvel Mystery Oil and quite intrigued as to how it removed that rust! While some may say oil additives are no good or actually do harm to your engine, I can assure you that Marvel Mystery Oil isn't one of those. It really works. -- MadMaxII  
This goes all the way back to late 70's early 80's My Dad had a large farming operation in Western Oklahoma and one of the tractors he had was the trusty John Deere 4020. One day he was working in the field with this tractor and the diesel engine started knocking, As we all know when a diesel engine starts knocking that is BAD. My dad climbed off the tractor and drove 18 miles to the John Deere place it was about noon and the mechanics were out of the shop eating lunch. My dad drove to the cafe where they were eating. He sat down with the mechanics and told them what was happening. They had a distressed look on their face they said we are going to have to bring it into the shop tear down the motor and do a lot of work to the tractor. They estimated that the damage to the motor will be aproximately 2000.00 - 2500.00 cost to repair this tractor. They said it might even go higher than that just not sure til they tear into it. No My dad was distressing big time and a smile came over the mechanics face. They then said there might be one other alternative to all that work. With a huge smile on their face they told him to go down and by a can of Marvel Mystery Oil and that would fix it. My dad went right away and got a couple of cans of Marvel Mystery Oil went to the farm poured it into the oil started up the tractor and within a few seconds the knock went away and NEVER returned. -- jlk3177  
I've ran MMO in every vehicle I have owned since I was 16. My Toyota Camry ran an extra 200,000 miles under my heavy foot. When I sold the car with it at 300,000 miles +, the engine was very clean internally, I had pulled the heads and valves myself before it was sold to a friend, clean as ever and unbelievable. I still run MMO in my 82' GMC and 86' Silverado trucks, in my 71' Baja VW, 97' S10, and my wife's 2003 Caravan. I always make sure to have a stock of MMO in my garage. I've referred all my friends to it and I won't stop using it. Marvels whole line is in my shop. -- MuddyRatRod  
Bad luck with MMO first time using it. I had heard a lot of good thing about MMO but never used it. Tried it for the first time and had bad luck with. I have a 94 F150 straight 6 with about 155K. Added 6 oz to the fuel and 20 oz to oil. The plane was to run it for about 500 miles before the oil change. Next time I went to use the truck I was only able to travel a couple of miles then it stalled. I have change the oil & filter. Went to the second tank that does not have MMO in it and purge the fuel line. I also put in a new set of spark plugs in. I cannot get it start up. Did I kill my truck? If so, need to know how to do CPR. Thanks -- santiagodx  







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