My dad was a mechanic for 40 years. That means he started in the 30's working on Chevy's at the local dealership in Corsicana, Texas. I can remember distinctly the smell and the color of Marvel Mystery Oil that he used for upper cylinder lubrication and to help burn out the carbon on the valves and anything in the combustion chamber. He would pour the oil directly in the carburetor until he killed the car or whatever engine he was working on. Then we would go in the house for the night. The next day, he would start the car (with huge clouds of smoke that thrilled a kid!) and we would drive out on the highway, fogging the neighborhood and the countryside until all the oil burned out. I thought it was cool. Well, guess what? Like father, like son. Although I don't flood the engine with the oil like he did, and I don't make my living turning wrenches anymore, I do use the oil in the gas tank and the crankcase. It is amazing how much difference the internal engine parts show on a teardown. There is very little sludge or carbon build up like you normally see, for instance in the head area. Like dad's cars, we never had a problem with a valve burning, ring sticking or engine seize. The engine runs with no hesitation and has never had any problems related to injector failure, oil pressure or gas mileage. Dad didn't believe in magic additives at all, but he did swear by Marvel. Keep up the good work. -- ArmadilloTriker  
i own several cars and one truck a 2002 chevy silverado Z71 x-cab with a 5.3 liter and 206k miles after everybody switched to 10% ethonal gas my fuel mileage droped like a lead ballon around 12-13mpg so it realy hurt the wallet. i have used marels mystery oil before to unstick a seized motor in a 1952 cadillac that had been unstarted since 1968 so i said wth im going to try it in the 02 silverado gas tank to see if it makes a difference. And what a difference it made the truck runs like the day i bought it and my gas mileage is up to 17-19 mpg again im hooked and so are about a dozen of my friends and family in using marvels mystery oil in there gas tank. i love it and to be honest im pretty sure if everyone in the world would try it and use it we could save tons of crude oil around the world. i know i sound like a sales rep but im just a average joe that was tired of no fuel mileage mmo (marvels mystery oil) realy works and ill would be glad to show my mpg numbers to anyone. your a fool if you dont try it. JRP -- wssjonboy  
my uncle passed away a few years ago and while we were cleaning out the garage, i found a gallon can and a quart of mmo. i think he put gas in the gallon jug cause it smelt horrible and jus wasnt marvel. the little quart was fresh clean and ready to make magic happen =] my aunt gave me his little 1982 2 hp suzuki outboard and when i fired it up, it ran like an pos. soo i took the carb off, and put mmo in every nook and cranny possible. the next morning, walked out and fired the little bugger right up, runs like a champion now! i started using mmo way before my uncles passing, its used in everything from my 1982 ironhead harley to my new pressure washer. cleaned many carbs with this stuff, and even use it in a spray bottle for door hinges. theres no such thing as wd40 in my house. >:) im only 19 and ive used enough mmo that i know its good for jus about anything. cant really find purpose where it wouldnt work perfectly =] -- LEROYDOZOIS  
I started a new job, moved to a new apartment but couldn't afford to buy a used car. My sister wanted to get another car so she gave me her 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix. She didn't keep it in the best condition but it was still running. The tires were low, the oil tank was dry and it was getting around 260 miles per tank, which is around 17 mpg. I filled the tires and oil tank and was getting the same mileage. So I went into the automotive department at Walmart and started sorting through the vast collection of products for the car. How to improve the car's mileage was a mystery to me and seeing all these products just intensified that mystery. So when I stumbled onto Marvel's Mystery Oil, I knew this was the right product for me. And it didn't let me down. I had just filled up both my oil and gas tank so I added the mystery oil to both. I just finished that tank of gas yesterday and I'm happy to report that I went 310 miles on that tank. I went from 17 mpg to 21 mpg by using Marvel's Mystery Oil. Great product and I highly recommend it! -- enerses  
I have been driving a 2002 Ford Explorer and since new it had a rough idling. It is a nightmare. I decided to change plugs and wires to see if it could idle better but had no effect on the SUV. I have tried every kind of injector and gasoline product with no results. I remember that my father had this product in the garage and decided to buy and use it. I filled the tank with 20 gallons of gasoline and dumped 8 ounces of this Marvel Oil. To be honest it has began to idle much better although not 100%. I hope that in my next tank fill and another 8 ounces of the MMO my suv wil give me what I always expected from her. -- julmaro  
I have used Marvel Mystery Oil from my first car I bought in 1987. From that day on I have used Marvel in my Vans for the business to my personal car. I have used Marvel Mystery Oil for 23 years now. -- Joshproductsjoshproducts@hotmail  
I have always used Marvel Mystery Oil for machinery and anything else mechanical, but never really used it for anything automotive. I've used other fuel treatments and additives with minimal effects. Then I learned about farmers having used this oil for their tractors, trucks, etc. for many years. So, if it's good enough for a farmer, it's good enough for my truck. Now, my truck is a 1989 Dodge Ram 150 with the 5.2L 318 engine and around 110K miles. In the winter months, it would always start up nicely, but would stall out while warming up, multiple times. It go to the point that I would wedge a snow brush between the gas pedal and seat just to keep the revs high enough so it wouldn't stall. Well, I treated my fuel and oil per recommendations on the bottle, and to my absolute surprise, the truck starts and stays running without doing the snow brush trick. In fact, yesterday morning (today is 2-4-11), it was zero degrees outside with a 10-below windchill. I thought, for sure this truck won't stay running. So, to test it, I turned the key to start it, pumped the gas just one time after starting and went in the house. Sure enough, 10-minutes later, the truck was still running, and in fact, warmed up enough to show on the temp gage, and to allow the heat to warm the inside. Something else that's never happened. Anyhow, I will always use this oil in EVERYTHING. In my Crown Vic, motorcycle, lawn mower, etc. If it can revive this beater of a truck, it will work on anything. Thanks, Dan -- dhoenisch  
This AM my 1969 snowblower with Briggs and Stratton 5.5 HP pull-start-only motor started, but stopped abruptly while warming up. I restarted it, it ran strongly for a few seconds, and the stopped again. Didn't die, but stopped as if it hit a brick wall. This happened a few times, and then finally it kept running. But when I engaged the rotor and put it in gear, it had no power and died as soon as I hit the snow. The final time it started it stopped abruptly again, and thereafter I could not budge the pull-start handle. Seized solid. No oil whatsoever, I had not checked it for a while, and it is a known oil burner, requiring a new spark-plug every time I use it, or it can't be started. Could not move the piston, not by putting it in gear and bumping it, or by engaging the rotor and standing on the blades. So I removed the spark plug, and poured a cupful of Marvel Mystery Oil down the spark plug hole. You can't actually see the piston when you remove the spark plug, either it is offset, or there seems to be a baffle plate of some sort between the spark plug and the combustion chamber. Filled the crankcase with oil. Removed the belt-change cover plate over the motor drive output shaft, and clamped a vice-grip on the belt drive pulley. A real one, made by "Vise-Grip". Using a 4 lb hammer I beat on the vise-grip until I could see the shaft start to move. Continued to beat till it moved a quarter revolution, then moved the vice grip and beat again. Did this until I had got it to turn about three complete revolutions, after which I could force the vice-grip by hand. I added another substantial amount of Mystery Marvel Oil through the spark plug hole. I then forced the motor around about another five times using the vice-grip, after which I found I could turn it slowly and with difficulty using the pull start. Pulled it using the pull start about ten times, it got a little easier, and then it suddenly broke free. Put in a spark plug, it fired right up, making clouds of smoke of course. But that soon cleared, and it has never run better. I swear by Mystery Marvel Oil. I have freed several seized small engines with it, and recovered compression on cars and motor cycles which had been sitting for years and where the rings had seized in the grooves. Let no-one tell you there is no such thing as a "mechanic in a can" Farrell -- Farrell  
I've been using MMO in my cars for over 20 years now based on a friend's dad's recommendation. I own two '92 Ford Crown Vics and a '93 Kawasaki ZX-7 motorcycle...I put MMO in the oil and gas in all of them, some in the tranny on the cars too. I used to use it in an '04 BMW too. I've never had any major motor troubles. The stuff works! I will contunue to use it in all of my cars and will recommend it to friends/family. -- GJT  
Today January 16 2011, my 1996 Geo Prizm would not turn over. I could start the car but the engine just would not turn over and completely start. I have had this trouble in the past. The car probably needs a major tune up. It has been awhile. I went over to the auto parts store and bought a 16 ounce pint of Marvel Mystery Oil. After a few tries, the engine did turn over. Not sure if it is mechanical or electrical(have had trouble with battery being dead but had battery, alternator and starter recently tested-all was okay.) I ran the car on the Freeway/Beltway for awhile to get Marvel Mystery Oil completely in the system. Car is running okay now and starting. I put some Shell premium gas in it as well. I am keeping a gallon of Marvel Mystery Oil on hand and putting it in whenever car goes low for a time. This stuff is great. Used it in the past and will continue to use it. Brad in Houston -- bradactor60  







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