Is Marvel Mystery Oil® safe to use in today’s “high-tech” cars?
Yes! Marvel Mystery Oil is completely safe in today’s high-tech cars and provide the same benefits as it has since 1923-cleaner engines, upper cylinder lubrication, reduced acid and sludge build up, improved fuel economy, clean and lubricated fuel systems and many more!

How much Marvel Mystery Oil® (MMO) do I put in my gasoline tank?
Marvel recommends using 4oz of MMO for every 10 gallons of gasoline.

Can I use MMO with every fill-up?
Yes. In fact many Marvel users who use MMO with every fill-up report significant increases in fuel mileage.

Will MMO cause any damage to oxygen sensors, fuel sensors or catalytic converters?
No. MMO has undergone rigorous testing to ensure the safety of all internal components in your vehicle including highly-sensitive oxygen sensors, fuel sensors and catalytic converters.

Can MMO be use in vehicles with fuel injectors?
Yes. MMO can be used in vehicles with fuel injectors. MMO provides additional lubrication to the injectors and helps prevent the formation of hard carbon deposits on the injectors. Injectors fouled with hard carbon deposits do not perform optimally and reduce mileage and performance.

Can I use Marvel Mystery Oil® with diesel fuel and if so, how much do I use?
Yes, you can use MMO in diesel fuel as well as gasoline. Use the same amounts as the gasoline treatment recommendations-4ozs of MMO for every 10 gallons of fuel. However, MMO does not comply with federal low sulfur content requirements for use in model year 2007 and newer diesel motor vehicles.

Is MMO compatible with BioDiesel?
Yes, MMO is compatible with BioDiesel and will provide the same benefits as when added to typical fuels.

Will the use of MMO in diesel fuel change the color so that it is easily confused with off-road diesel fuel?
When MMO is used in the recommended amounts in diesel fuel, it will not change the color. Off-road diesel fuel is dyed a bright red using a specific dye and concentration. Neither the dye used in MMO nor the concentration are the same as that used in off-road diesel fuel.

Can MMO be used with racing fuels such as methanol?
No, MMO cannot be used in racing fuels such as methanol. Certain components of MMO are not compatible with methanol and will not mix with methanol.



How much MMO do I add to the crankcase?
Marvel recommends replacing between 10 and 25 percent of your motor oil with MMO. For example, if the crankcase capacity is 5-quarts, add 4 quarts of your favorite motor oil and one quart of Marvel Mystery Oil. If you get your oil changed at a “quick-lube” facility, bring a quart of Marvel with you and ask them to add it to your engine in lieu of one quart of traditional motor oil.

Can MMO be used with synthetic motor oils?
Yes, MMO is compatible with synthetic, semi-synthetic blends and regular types of motor oils.

Can I use MMO to replace all of my regular engine oil?
No, you cannot use MMO to replace all the oil in the crankcase. The maximum amount of MMO to be used is 25% of crankcase capacity.



Can I use Marvel Mystery Oil® in my motorcycle?
Yes, add MMO in the ratios recommended in the fuel and oil section above.

Can I use MMO in 2-cycle engines?
Yes, MMO is safe for use in 2-cycle engines. Replace 25% of the 2-cycle oil with MMO. For example, if use 8oz of 2-cycle oil, replace 2oz of 2-cycle with 2oz of MMO at oil change.

Can MMO be used in automatic transmissions?
Yes, MMO is safe for usage in automatic transmissions. Use no more than 16 ounces of MMO in the automatic transmission.

Can I use MMO for winter storage as a fuel stabilizer?
Yes, you can use MMO as a fuel stabilizer. Use 4ozs of Marvel for every 10 gallons of fuel.

Can MMO be used or mixed with weapon lubricants?
Yes, MMO can be used either by itself or mixed with other lubricants for weapons maintenance. We have many stories of people who clean and lubricate everything from rifles to broadswords!

Can I use MMO in my air tools such as a nail gun?
Yes, you can use MMO in your air tools. However, we recommend you use Marvel Air Tool oil for longer term use. The formulation of the Air Tool Oil is nearly identical to the original MMO but also includes a heavy-duty corrosion inhibitor to protect the tool in the high-moisture environment of air tools.

Does the Air Tool Oil contain silicone?
No, neither the Marvel Air Tool Oil nor original formula MMO contains silicone.



Where can I purchase Marvel apparel ?
A range of apparel is available from Cafepress.com/marveloil







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