Can I use too much MMO in gas? 
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Using MMO in gas because it keeps injectors clean, increases mileage, makes for smooth ride. Use in all my engines many years now, big and small 4 & 2 cycles and they all run forever. Is it possible to over-treat the gas? I use it as often as every tankfull. Maybe too much detergent or something. I do get carried away sometimes with MMO. 2010 corolla 59000 miles is my main concern.  thanks

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Newbie I have been using MMO for years in cars and in 2 and 4 cycle engines and never had any problems using the recommended amount. Using larger amounts is just wasteful .
On 2 and 4 cycle engines i keep it in them 365 days a year and never had problems with ethanol.

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I run a pint per tank in my fuel injected truck. That’s about double the dosage on the bottle. Never hurt anything, and I picked up some mpg.
I also use it in my lincoln sa 200 welder, which has acarburated flat head four cylinder. One pint to 10 gallons to cushoin the valves instead of leaded gas and to clean up years of carbon deposits. It runs great. The fuel is actually red in the sight glass! No ill effects.

The only thing I have found is that if u use way too much it will smoke a little, but unless you have catalytic converters it won’t hurt. If you do have cats you might wanna be conservative like I am with my truck.