Power Steering question
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I have some issues with the power steering on my 2004 Chevy Cavalier.  It has a little over 100,000 miles.  First I was told I would need a new rack/pinion then another GM guy suggested to syphon out the power steering fluid, refill with Marvel Mystery oil and drive it around for a while.  Said it may take a few weeks but was worth a try.  Since I was given this information through a third party (that I don’t want to question his knowledge) ....my question is - do I really replace ALL the power steering fluid with this oil or just part of it??  Thanks.

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Good question. Hopefully some of the knowledgeable MMO admins can let us know. I’d like to know myself.

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What issues are you having?

Maybe you just need to tighten up the steering box?


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Power steering fluids are all based on naphthenic oils.  MMO is also made with a similar base oil, which is why it was recommended by the mechanic.  It should function in the same way.  I would replace 20% of the fluid with MMO.  Marvel will provide cleaning and recondition hardened seals.  As for the problems with the rack and pinion steering - there may be other mechanical issues requiring repair.

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im gonna give that a shot next time i flush the ps fluid!

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yep, it can’t hurt.  last oil change I “topped off” my power steering reservoir with about 10 oz. of MMO......no problems thus far.  the steering feels a bit more responsive.

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If it’s a clunking noise in Cavalier Sunfire 1995-2005
Those model years of Cavaliers have a service bulletin.
When there is a clunking sound turning all the way right and left,
it is the splined shaft between the steering wheel and the rack.
Chevy sells a little kit with a tube of lube they recommend for the splined shaft.
Your supposed to take it all apart to lube it, but my mechanic got it into the top of the
steering shaft through or around the rubber boot.
It took a while for the lube to work itself in, but it worked.
The spline is so the shaft can shorten and lengthen as needed.
When it sticks it makes a noise each time it breaks free.

In the picture your can see where the shaft telescopes into itself.



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